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wheel size and tire size discussion

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1 wheel size and tire size discussion on September 26th 2014, 8:53 am


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discuss your wheel size and tire sizes for fitment options

ask questions or just share your setup! cheers


S30 build here-->
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2 Re: wheel size and tire size discussion on September 29th 2014, 3:33 pm


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Good thread, im debating on what type of suspension for my 07 tsx but have a set of mugen wheels and waiting for my Infinitewerks wheels to be done.
17x7 +48 all around(weak) lol
18x9.5 +25(front)
18x10 +18 (rear)
What you have?

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3 Re: wheel size and tire size discussion on September 29th 2014, 10:48 pm


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Dodge Stealth Twin Turbo

Current: Factory wheels
17 x 8.5 +46     245/40     all the way around

Aiming for: Forgestar F14
19 x 10 +32         Deep Concave        255/35
5mm less front clearance while leaving a couple mm for brakes - 33mm poke
19 x 12 +47    Super Deep Concave    295/30    
45mm less rear clearance and still leaving a few mm for brake clearance (will still clear struts) - 43mm poke

I just hope someone with a VR4 or TT eventually chimes in with some input.
I measured EVERYTHING and they theoretically should fit. I just want to be 1000000% positive before I drop $2600 on this setup.
Has anyone else done bought wheels with tons of measurements for a platform that has not been explored fully in terms of wheel fitment?

Here is one with 12s the whole way around. Pay no attention to the front fenders, his car was a prototype to test some stuff he was making like 10 years ago.

As far as I can tell, he was the only one running 12s but his offset in the rear was 43 and mine is 47. Still enough to clear the brakes and struts, but only by just a few mm.
And since I'd be running a stretch, my setup should fit a little better as well.

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